University of Minnesota
Department of English

Department of English

Norman Fruman

Professor Emeritus

Central Interests

  • The Romantics
  • The eighteenth century
  • Literary criticism (from antiquity to the present)


  • Education

    University of Paris--Sorbonne
    New York University, Ph.D.
    Teachers College, Columbia University, M.A. (Education)
    City College of New York, B.A.


  • Books

    Coleridge, The Damaged Archangel. New York: Braziller, 1971. London: Allen & Unwin, 1972.

    Ed., with Marvin Laser. Studies in J. D. Salinger: Reviews, Essays, and Critiques. New York: Odyssey, 1963. Rpt. 1967.

  • Articles

    "Ozymandias and the Reconciliation of Opposites." In Coleridge's Theory of the Imagination Today. Ed. Christine Gallant. AMS Press, 1990. 49-64.

    "Editing, Annotating, and Reading the Biographia Literaria." In Coleridge and the Biographia Literaria: Text and Meaning. Ed. Frederick Burwick. Ohio State University Press, 1989. 1-19.

    "Coleridge's Rejection of Nature and the Natural Man." In Coleridge's Imagination. Ed. Richard Gravil, et al. Cambridge University Press, 1985. 69-78.

    "Aids to Reflection on the New Biographia." Studies in Romanticism 24 (1985): 141-73.

    "Romanticism and the Decay of the Affections." In Aspects du Romantisme Anglais: Homage a Jacques Blondel. Ed. Christian La Cassagnere. Centre du Romantisme Anglais, Universite de Clermont, France, 1980. 1-17.

    Other essays, notes and reviews in Agenda, Choice, Študes Anglaises, Midstream, New York Review of Books, Queens Quarterly, Style, Times Literary Supplement, Tradition et Innovation: Litterature et Paralitterature, Studies in the Literary Imagination, Centrum, Minnesota English Journal, Salisbury Review, Academic Questions.