University of Minnesota
Department of English

Department of English


Name Addresses Phone Interests

Elaine Auyoung

Assistant Professor
50B Lind
612-624-7803 19th c British lit and culture; the novel; fictionality; cognition and the arts

Charles Baxter

Edelstein-Keller Professor in Creative Writing
255 Lind
612-625-3744 creative writing: fiction; modernism; contemporary fiction; American literature
Timothy Brennan
204 Nicholson
612-626-1638 continental literary and cultural theory; 19th-20th c comparative literature
Tony C. Brown
Associate Professor

235C Nicholson

612-626-6123 long 18th c; colonial and postcolonial; literary and aesthetic theory

Peter Campion

Associate Professor

14 Lind

612-625-3503 creative writing: poetry; poetry and the visual arts; prosody
Siobhan Craig
Associate Professor
50H Lind
612-625-6087 Italian and German cinema; literary, cultural, film, feminist, and queer theory
Lois Cucullu
Associate Professor
18 Lind
612-625-7508 20th c lit; Victorian culture; novel studies; modernism; gender theory; pop culture
Andrew Elfenbein
210A Lind
612-624-1373 British lit and history, 1700 - 1900; reading and cognition; queer theory; linguistics
Lianna Farber
Associate Professor
210K Lind
612-626-7126 Medieval literature and thought
M. J. Fitzgerald
Associate Professor
13 Lind
612-625-0183 creative writing: fiction; Dante Alighieri; British literature; world literatures
V. V. Ganeshananthan
Assistant Professor
12 Lind
612-626-7123 creative writing: fiction; journalism
Shirley Garner
330B Lind
612-625-1826 Renaissance literature; Shakespeare; feminist studies in literature
Brian Goldberg
Associate Professor
210L Lind
612-626-7125 British romantic literature; restoration and 18th c literature; poetry
Ray Gonzalez
330A Lind
612-625-0332 creative writing: poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction; U.S. Latino literature
David Haley
310C Lind
612-625–6615 history; literature and politics from 16th to 19th c; drama; Bible as literature
Patricia Hampl
Regents Professor
210M Lind
612-625-3546 creative writing: nonfiction, short fiction, and poetry; personal essay and memoir
Michael Hancher
310B Lind
612-625-5075 Victorian studies; book history; lexicography; digital humanities
Qadri Ismail
Associate Professor
19 Lind
612-625-6374 cultural studies; postcolonial literature; literary theory; gender/sexuality
Rebecca Krug
Associate Professor
210E Lind
612-626-7127 late Medieval literature; religion; culture; literacy; nature; women's studies
Josephine Lee
310D Lind
612-625-9510 dramatic literature, theater history, performance studies; Asian American studies
Nabil Matar
330C Lind
612-626-8320 early modern Euro-Islamic contacts; 17th c British religious literature
Ellen Messer-Davidow
207C Lind
612-625-2071 cultural and social theory; 20th c American social movements, policy, and law
Dan Philippon
Associate Professor
21 Lind
612-624-4209 environmental literature, history, and ethics; ideas of nature, culture, and place
Paula Rabinowitz
225A Lind
612-625-2063 20th c American lit and film, visual culture, fashion studies, literary radicalism
Jani Scandura
Associate Professor
210D Lind
612-625-9017 cultural studies and critical theory; 20th c N. American literatures, film, mass culture
Andrew Scheil
Associate Professor
310E Lind
612-625-9518 Anglo-Saxon language and literature; literatures of late antiquity / early Middle Ages
Katherine Scheil
210H Lind
612-625-6592 Shakespeare; early modern lit; theatre; women writers; history of reading; 18th c lit
Julie Schumacher
15 Lind
612-625-3459 creative writing: fiction; contemporary fiction; children's literature
Geoffrey Sirc
210J Lind
612-625-0134 composition theory and pedagogy; technology and writing; hip hop
Madelon Sprengnether
Regents Professor
336 Lind
612-625-8314 creative writing: poetry and nonfiction; Freud; feminist psychoanalytic criticism

Kim Todd

Assistant Professor

20 Lind

612-625-6095 creative writing (literary nonfiction); science and environmental writing
John Watkins
312 Lind
612-624-8879 historiography; sovereignty and queenship; medieval and early modern diplomacy
John Wright
883 Social Sciences
612-624-0845 American and Afro-American literature; intellectual history and popular culture

Amit Yahav

Assistant Professor

50A Lind

612-626-7124 18th century, the novel, aesthetics, theory