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The Department of English is central to the University, and it is a critical resource for the larger community. Whatever careers they pursue, English graduates think, read, and communicate with critical intelligence, imagination, and creativity.

If you recognize the power of words not only to deliver knowledge and understanding but also to move, to shape, and to empower, supporting the Department of English is an ideal investment.

Your tax-deductible contribution provides our best students with vital encouragement and financial support. It provides our faculty with resources needed to enlarge our knowledge of language, literature, and culture. It helps to maintain a distinguished reputation for the department.

What Your Gift Can Do

You can help us attract and retain the very best students, scholars, and creative writers despite continuing declines in state support. Your help makes possible:

  • A distinguished faculty
    Creating endowed chairs and professorships and supporting interdisciplinary research centers and programs will help us recruit and retain outstanding faculty.
  • Excellence and competitiveness of our graduate program
    We need to ensure the excellence and competitiveness of our graduate programs so that we can compete successfully for the best faculty and brightest students. Today’s graduate students are tomorrow’s teachers and leaders.
  • A diverse and engaged undergraduate student body
    Although we are attracting better students than even before, too many outstanding students choose other institutions—often for financial reasons. Merit and need-based scholarships are needed to recruit outstanding students.

Choose a Fund

The department is blessed to have endowments and other funds that support its undergraduate students, graduate students (MA, PhD, and MFA), faculty, public lectures, and other activities. Here is a list of the funds that we hope will receive increased support in 2015-16. You may make a gift here.

Garner-McNaron-Sprengnether Dissertation Fellowship in English (established in honor of these three professors to support PhD dissertations in the field of feminist theory and scholarship)

O'Rourke Travel Fellowship in Creative Writing (established by Michael and Anne O'Rourke to support summer travel projects related to MFA students' creative work)

Bev Atkinson Scholarship for Non-Traditional English Majors (established in honor of the former Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies and long-time adviser to encourage exceptional English majors who have overcome remarkable odds to enroll and pursue college degrees)

dislocate Fund (established to provide support for printing the literary and art magazine produced by graduate students in the department)

See all the funds which support graduate students in our literature and creative writing programs.

Make a gift to the Department of English online through the University of Minnesota Foundation.

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